1/28 Newsletter

Dear Families,

Progress reports were sent home with your child yesterday along with an Achieve report. These are not final grades, so students still have the opportunity to turn in any missing assignments they may have. Please check PowerSchool to stay up-to-date with your child’s work as grades change throughout the week.

Math Homework Note: We plan for students to do between 30 minutes of math homework each night (Monday-Thursday). We have told students that if an assignment takes more time than that, they can ask you to sign off on it.  A quick note letting us know that your child completed 30 minutes of work will do the trick.

Catholic Schools Week: Sunday marks the beginning of Catholic Schools Week! The list of special days is listed below:

Sunday, Celebrate Parish! Join us for Mass at 10:30! (Livestream Link: https://www.facebook.com/StJohnSeattle)

Monday, January 31: VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION DAY! School Uniform for all students 

Tuesday, February 1: Celebrate Vocation and Community- Dress up as your future self, role model, inspirational person etc. 

Wednesday, February 2: Celebrate Staff- Dress up like a teacher day 

Thursday, February 3: Celebrate All Nations and Cultures. We will honor Josue, our unbound friend from Honduras. Students may dress in cultural outfits, or the colors of the US flag or Honduran Flag (blue, white). Students are asked to bring in some money towards our sponsorship of Josue.  

Friday, February 4: Celebrate Students. PURPLE & GOLD DAY! FREE hot lunch for all! (French toast) 


READING- Students started their new novel, Morning Girl, this week. It is written from the Native American perspective, which is a great tie-in to our last novel, Pedro’s Journal, which was written from the Spanish explorers’ perspective. We will continue reading this for the next few weeks.

MATH- Next week we will wrap up modelling and using the standard algorithm to multiply decimals.  We will also likely begin practicing dividing decimals next week.

RELIGION- Students learned how the sacraments are like a house as an easier way to understand them and about matter and form of the sacraments.

WRITING- We have wrapped up the research phase for our explorer report!  Next week we will turn all that interesting information into a 5-paragraph informational report.

SCIENCE- Students created study sheets and began reviewing for their upcoming Matter Unit Test. We will have another study session on Wednesday and our test will be on Thursday.

SOCIAL STUDIES- Students continued moving back to Spain and avoiding the privateer. We had our first battle, and students did a great job on the three move quizzes they had. We will continue this for the next few weeks.