12/3 Newsletter

Welcome to the season of Advent! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We are joyfully preparing for Christmas!

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF MARY LUTURGY/Dress Uniform: Wednesday, December 8

Fifth and Second graders will be leading our upcoming mass for the Immaculate Conception of Mary.  We will get to worship in the church that day!  If you would like to join us in prayer, the mass will be live streamed on our parish Facebook page at 9:00 am on 12/8. 

CHRISTMAS MUSIC PROGRAM VIDEO DAY/Holiday Dress:  Thursday, December 9

This year’s Christmas Music Program will be a video presentation.  Ms. Villanueva will be filming the students on Thursday, 12/9 and asks that they dress in fun holiday attire that day.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: Great Conversations program hosted by Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital hosts a series focusing on puberty called Great Conversations that is worth checking out!   Here’s the blurb from their website: “The goal of Great Conversations’ classes is to provide developmentally appropriate and medically accurate information to support and guide communication between preteens and their families on the topics of puberty, sexuality, sexual reproduction, and other important ideas on growing up. We hope that being together and sharing information in a safe, inclusive environment taught by an expert adds to the foundation for more conversations at home.”

Here’s a link for more info and to register:  https://greatconversations.com/programs-and-registration/#registration

ACCREDITATION SURVEY REQUEST:  We have a community target of 90% participation for the Accreditation Parent Survey. Currently, the response rate is 49%; we can do better. Parents, it bears repeating – you are all stakeholders in your children’s education. This is your opportunity to provide feedback on how St. John Parish School is achieving our collective mission. The deadline to submit the survey is Friday, December 3. Thank you for your active participation and feedback.


READING- Students compared and contrasted the Maniac Magee book to the movie and also wrote about and drew their favorite parts. We will begin a new novel, Pedro’s Journal, next week, which aligns well with our Galleon unit in social studies.

MATH- We will wrap up our unit on long division and take a unit final on Wednesday.  A study packet will be given on Monday.  You may have noticed a shift in math homework.  As many students have wrapped up Xtra math, we have moved to a daily assignment system.

RELIGION- Students read the two Nativity stories from Matthew and Luke as well as learned about the different symbols of Advent. We will talk about the Immaculate Conception before our Mass next Wednesday.

WRITING- Students will write a narrative focusing on developing a main character’s point of view.

SCIENCE- Next week we will learn about the Periodic Table of Elements!

SOCIAL STUDIES- Students wrote their first log entry about leaving home for a year and heading out on the open ocean to the New World. We will continue with the second log entry next week.

Ms. Kelley & Mr. Sandstrom